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30.01. 2015 CyberPower Three-Phase UPS Provides Versatile Power Protection with Scalable Runtime Now Available in ANZ
30.01. 2015 IBG Slovakia integrates CyberPower Online UPS in Košice Municipal House
30.01. 2015 Abbas installs CyberPower UPS for Reliable Security and Alert system in Elderly Home in Czech Republic
25.11.2014 Partners, don’t miss out on your chance to receive the EXTRA Accelerator Rebate on yearly sales performance!
25.11.2014 PFC Sinewave Series -The Most Affordable Pure Sine Wave UPS Ever
25.11.2014 Automatic Transfer Switch- Dual Input with Reliable and Redundant Power Capability
28.07. 2014 Earn A Trip to New York!!!
28.07. 2014 [Case Study] Smart Modular UPS for Application at Indonesian Airports
28.07. 2014 PowerPanel® Business Edition for Virtual Environments
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SMART Partner Program
CyberPower Systems has developed an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology that reduces energy costs and consumption – GreenPower UPS™ technology. CyberPower is committed to leading the UPS industry in Green UPS designs that reduce energy costs and consumption. Read More green power
Get the latest version of CyberPower proprietary PowerPanel® Management Software!

PowerPanel® Personal Edition 1.5.0
  • Multilingual supports including CZ /DE / EN /ES /FR /IT /PL /RU /Sl and more…
  • PowerPanel® Personal Edition software is compatible with Windows 8(32/64bits), Server 2012, and more…
  • PowerPanel® Business Edition 2.6.0
  • The PowerPanel Business Edition Software is certified as VMWare Ready.
  • The PowerPanel Business Edition Client can also be installed on the following operation systems: Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Red Hat Enterprise 5.1 / Fedora 7 / SUSE 10.1 / Debian 5.1 / Ubuntu 9.10 / VMware ESX/ESXi 5, and Citrix
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